April 2018

The Smallest Gallery in Soho presents

April, May and June 2018

Location: 62 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 4QF

The Smallest Gallery in Soho is delighted to present a new installation by William Martin. The title of the work is ‘Liam’ about a domestic space of a Soho resident. He is being evicted from his property in the next 2 months by the council because it has been sold to a property developer. The space has been created in parallel with Martin’s art as a ceramicist: his works, creative explorations and references.

Support from:

Santa & Cole, Blacks Club, Frame Set and Match, Paragon, Cubitts and Velorose

Run Riot Interview with artist William Martin:


February 2018

Over the last 18 months, the historic shop-front window of 62 Dean Street, Soho, has been hosting an array of art displays. Exhibitions have seen the likes of artists Iain Macarthur, Schoony and most recently a poem ‘For Grenfell’ — a collaboration between renowned poet Musa Okwonga and artist Hannah Dickens.

Now, the space is officially being launched as The Smallest Gallery in Soho. The aim of this intimate gallery is to display artwork that captures people’s attention on their journey through Soho and encourage them to stop, think or be inspired. It hopes to transcend the rapid changes of building developments and the dispersion of the creative cohort — that was once so vibrant within the area — by exhibiting free and engaging artworks to view from the street.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho will launch this month with a display called ‘New Progress/Novo Progresso’ by artists Helen Pearce and Dan Sansome. The installation aims to emphasise the environmental impacts caused by our desire for cash crops such as coffee through a completely charred and blackened interior, with a pile of golden coffee beans at its centre. Viewers might think it's a display selling luxury goods. Yet on closer inspection, they’ll see a much more detailed and thought-provoking image.

Moira Rizopoulos manages the space, working alongside curators Andreia Costa and Philip Levine to bring free art to the streets of Soho. The Smallest Gallery in Soho was established by The Garage Soho, an early stage investor company that champions creativity.

Sir John Hegarty states:

Remember, size is no guarantee of strength. We may be the smallest gallery in Soho, but we intend it to carry big ideas.

Quote from Moira Rizopoulos:

Having a gallery on a shop-front gives us the opportunity to captivate the public with art when they don’t expect it. We want to support artists and creatives of various forms and produce displays that resonate and inspire people. I’m excited to continue developing the space and celebrate art and creativity in the heart of Soho.  

Quote from the Andreia Costa and Philip Levine:

For The Smallest Gallery in Soho we are trying to counteract the effects of development that has been pushing a creative environment out of the city centre that was so prominent in the past. By producing concepts site specific for the space, we aim to make anyone passing and seeing the window displays feel it is for them. We want to form a continuous dialogue between art and city, engaging the private and urban space to stimulate the passer-by, the tourists and the local community.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho will have displays rotating every two months.

‘New Progress/Novo Progresso’ will be on from February and March 2018