New Progress

The Smallest Gallery in Soho is delighted to present a new installation by artists Helen Pearce and Daniel Sansome. The title of the work is 'New Progress/Novo Progresso' and the piece aims to highlight the environmental impacts caused by our desire for cash crops such as coffee.

About the Artists

About the Artists

Helen Pearce

Helen is interested in the traces of human activity etched onto the Earth's surface, and what these patterns of development reveal about life today. Her engineering and environmental background has led her to explore the relationship between people, place and nature, at a time when humans are the dominant force shaping the world. Helen works in mixed media, photography, print, sculpture and installation. 

Dan Sansome

Dan has experimented with different forms of artistic expression, ranging from set design and building for companies such as Trestle and Grid Iron, collaborating with visual artist, Marie Ange Bordas on video installations, through to individual photographic projects, such as Ausência Presente - He aims to prompt viewers to notice things in their environment which they may often overlooked.