The Poem

For Grenfell

For Grenfell, was a collaboration piece in keeping the topic of the story alive by displaying a specially commissioned poem from the renowned poet Musa Okwonga with artist and designer Hannah Dickins visually translating this into hand-painted demonstration placards.

For too many people the incident of Grenfell is already a news story of the past; however, the people from the tower and the community still need so much support. As a society, we should not forget what happened and must learn and influence those who can make the changes for all to live in a safe environment.

The Poem

The Poem

Too many of London’s leaders are hypocrites. They say one thing - that we are all in this together - and they do the other. Their smiles are as fake and hostile as the cladding on the Grenfell Tower. They are pretty and welcoming from a distance, but if you get too close they will burn you alive.

Shame on them, who looked at everything beautiful that London ever made and felt only an erotic thrill for profit. The Grenfell fire has exposed them. It has shown their morality to be more hollow and charred than the husk the inferno left behind. They have turned the Grenfell scandal into a battle between those who have wealth and those who do not. It is a battle they will lose. They will lose because they have failed the best of London, and everyone knows it.

Looking at the languages spoken by those who died and narrowly survived, we can see the true diversity of the people who have been betrayed. English. Pashto. Somali. Arabic. French. Spanish. Polish. Romanian. Lithuanian. Russian. Hungarian. Urdu. Hindi. Punjabi. Italian. Farsi. Tagalog. Japanese. A gathering of humanity so broad, you might find it in the queue at an international airport. A whole world died in that building. It is up to us left behind to see that their memory survives.