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The Smallest Gallery in Soho is a historic shop-front which faces onto Dean Street, in the heart of Soho. The aim of this creative space is to display artwork that captures people’s attention on their journey through Soho and encourage them to stop, think and be inspired. It hopes to transcend the rapid changes of building developments and the dispersion of the creative cohort — that was once so vibrant within the area — by exhibiting free and engaging art works to view from the street.

The space was established by The Garage Soho, an early stage investor company that champions brand building and creativity.

Remember, size is no guarantee of strength. We may be the smallest gallery in Soho, but we intend it to carry big ideas.

Remember, size is no guarantee of strength. We may be the smallest gallery in Soho, but we intend it to carry big ideas.


Moira Rizopoulos
Moira established the gallery space with The Garage Soho, when she worked on an array of projects with them; including advertising campaigns, films, exhibitions and events. Acting as Gallery Manager for ‘The Smallest Gallery in Soho’ she helped showcase creative and thought-provoking work. Previously, Moira gained a BA in Fine Art and a MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths, University of London. Moira now works at Google Arts and Culture and the gallery space is run by Phillip and Andreia.


Philip Levine
Philip has been working in the creative and cultural industries for the last decade as a producer. This has ranged from exhibitions, events, publishing, talks and creating his own unique artwork under the title ‘Headism’. He has gained a MA in Culture, Policy and Management at City, University of London. Being from London, his passion is knowing ‘who and what’ is up and coming in cultural trends and being involved within them.

Andreia Costa
Andreia is an Associate Architect at Jamie Fobert Architects. She studied in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto and practiced for 3 years in her native Portugal. Before moving to the UK Andreia decided to explore her contemporary art interest by working in Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art as an architecture and art lecturer. In 2010 she joined Jamie Fobert Architects, where she has been involved in several projects including Selfridges and Tate exhibitions.